Why Us

28 Years of Experience

Pristine Gems is a family run manufacturer of Fancy Shaped Diamonds with 28 years of experience. Dedication to our client’s needs and excellent service is the driving motto of our company.

Exceptional Products

Founded to be in the business of manufacturing superior quality cut and polished diamonds, we hold true now and offer only the best.

With four varieties of Fancies that range in size, quality, and color evaluated based on the GIA “four C’s” grading system by our high skilled assorters. Substantial inventory of every product is consistently in stock. Our products are precisely cut and superbly polished by our detail oriented diamond manufacturing team.

Excellent Service, Consistently

At Pristine Gems our attention is not simply sales and competitive pricing but providing top-notch service. 28 years of experience plus love for our craft combine for unmatched reliability.

We consistently focus on the needs of our clients, beginning to end. Consistent assortments, matching pairs, layouts and unique customization such as re-cutting to exact specifications are only a few of our notable features. From precise order fulfillments to timely shipments and on-time delivery, we make certain our clients receive exactly what they need.

Global Relations

Here at Pristine Gems, we pride ourselves on our impeccable service and exemplary client satisfaction. We work with our clients to make sure they always have the best experience and results working with us. And because of our international flexibility we collaborate with satisfied clients from all over the globe. We build relationships, not one-time deals.

We attend international Trade Shows from Las Vegas to Mumbai – see where we’ll be next.